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Tape - Carton Sealing

Acrylic Tape

Best tape for cold temperature application, like refrigeration and freezer applications, for long-term storage. Preferred tape for white boxes, because of its clarity.

Hot Melt Tape

Hot melt tapes are the preferred adhesive for today's recycled boxes. Primetac #620 is our best-selling tape, due to the high-quality adhesion and strength.

Natural Rubber, PVC Tape

Resistant to moisture and temperature changes. It is the quietest tape to apply, and has maximum tear- and puncture-resistance.

Paper (Flatback) Tape

This Kraft paper packing tape is made with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Easily use it on everyday packing since it's easy to tear no scissors needed!

Water-Activated Tape

Water-activated adhesive tape made with strong fiberglass yarns.

Tape Guns & Dispensers

Full line of tape guns and dispensers for poly and water-activated tapes.

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