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Overrun Boxes (Murphy Ave ONLY)

OVERRUN/MISPRINT BOXES Service Box And Tape/Cut Rate Box offers the best value misprint and overrun boxes in Atlanta, GA. Get huge savings comparing to similar stock boxes and still get the same quality and protection for your goods and shipment. If you don't need a new box for shipping or storing your items, overrun or obsolete boxes are the perfect choice. Hurry and save money on overrun boxes - we only have limited quantities on stock so we recommend that you get it while supplies last! Boxes are on a first come/first serve basis. We do not replace stock but…..we get new stock in every day. Check the newly arrived overruns here Our boxes are listed by size (length x width x depth) of the inside dimensions. Some of the boxes have print on them and are so noted. Please notice the test/strength and features (hand holds, bookfold, etc) are listed as well. All of the boxes are new boxes unless noted (used boxes are very inexpensive and perfect for any move or package need)