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Stretch Wrap

We offer a line of quality hand stretch wrap and machine wrap. Conventional stretch wrap is available in 80, 90, and 120 gauge. We stock narrow-width (3", 5", and 5" extended core) for bundling and securing your items. We stock 15", 18", and 20" (extended core only) in various gauges. Our newest micron wrap is a unique product that provides superior strength in thinner gauges by adding Metallocene. Our cast machine stretch wrap is available in 20" for 80 and 90 gauge (one-sided cling now available).

Advantages of Stretch Wrap:

  • Adds stability to unitized products and packages
  • Easier and cost-efficient handling and shipping
  • Adds protection from dust and moisture
  • Adds security from pilferage
  • Clear stretch wrap for clarity, and black stretch wrap for opacity