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Mailers & Envelopes

Buy Envelope Mailers Online from Service Box And Tape Atlanta, GA

Service Box And Tape supplies Atlanta, GA businesses with premium packaging solutions including Envelope Mailers. We have a wide variety of Envelope Mailers on stock and ready to ship! Choose between different kinds of envelopes according to your needs.

Fastpak® - Courier Envelopes

These mailers have superior tear and puncture resistance, with a tamper-evident self-seal closure. It's the ideal choice for sending clothing or documents, to ensure they stay clean and dry during shipment. These envelopes do not contain cushion, but are an inexpensive alternative.

XPAK® - Tear-Proof Poly Bubble Mailers

Tear proof poly mailers features a combination of 3/16" cushion bubble interior, high strength adhesive closure and tear proof exterior to add thief protection for your documents and other goods. Extremely lightweight, it reduces postage fees while providing protection from moisture or water. Rapidly becoming the mailer of choice of packaging professionals.

ECOLITE® - Bubble Lined Mailer Envelopes

These light-weight and self-seal mailers are made from Kraft paper outside but is lined inside with 3/16" bubble wrap. It provides protection and cushion to delicate goods or materials during handling and shipping. Simply insert, peel the sticker and seal!

JIFFY® Padded Mailers

Buy these self-seal padded Kraft mailers to cushion fragile shipments and protect them from damages of shipping and handling. The cushioning is macerated paper some times referred as a Jiffy® mailer.

Photo Mailer Envelopes

Need to mail precious photos? This durable 28pt mailer envelope is made from bleached chipboard material, which makes it the perfect envelope to use in mailing photos or other important documents because it protects from bending and folding.

If you can't find the right size that you need, don't hesitate to call us at 404-756-8400 so we can provide more assistance!