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Peanuts - Loose Fill

Loose Fill Packaging Peanuts by Service Box And Tape in Atlanta, GA

Service Box And Tape supplies businesses across Atlanta, GA with an array of wholesale shipping and handling products including loosefill packaging peanuts, which are also known as foam peanuts, Styrofoam popcorn or packing noodles.

We have stocks of different products for loosefill such as peanuts' pad loc bags, regular peanuts, biodegradable peanuts and peanut hoppers.

Make packaging and handling easier and cost effective for your business by using loosefill peanuts when shipping lightweight products. The peanuts shape helps cushion your item while it easily dispenses and interlocks to fill the spaces inside your parcel. Plus, it doesn't only serve as a void fill but also adds anti-static performance.

Choose from regular or biodegradable peanuts!

Our biodegradable ones are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Save time with using loosefill packing peanuts as cushioning and to fill the gaps in those boxes when shipping for your product. It weighs less than other packing materials so you save money on postage fees!

Use peanut hoppers to easily dispense loosefill into packages for faster shipping.

Loosefill packaging peanuts are cost-effective, eco-friendly (biodegradable) and easy-to-use. Buy from Service Box And Tape now!

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We are happy to offer you any assistance that you need. Just give us a call at 404-756-8400.