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Best Source for Bubble Rolls in Atlanta

Choose from three standard sizes of Bubble:

Bubble is sized by the height, not diameter, of its bubble.
  • Small: 3/16" - best used for surface protection and light cushioning of small, fragile items
  • Medium: 5/16" - great all purpose protector and void fill
  • Large: 1/2" - superior cushion and void-filling capabilities
Nothing protects like a blanket of air! Bubble Rolls from Service Box & Tape help cushion your fragile goods and breakable products during moving, shipping or storing. We have three standard widths available for each bubble size - 12", 24", and 48". Our rolls are available plain, or with a 12" perforation for easy tear-off.

We also offer anti-static Bubble Rolls and Pouches, for use with electronic products.

Bubble Benefits/Features

  • Lightweight, to reduce shipping costs.
  • Absorbs and cushions against shock and impact, for maximum protection.
  • Good clarity, so product remains highly distinguishable when packed.
  • Excellent air retention and strength keeps the bubble ready for continued protection.
  • Ability to conform tightly around the contours of your product, to protect edges and sharp corners from damage.
Can't find the right bubble that you need? Custom widths and perforations are also available - just call us at 404-756-8400 or use our Contact Us page.